Professional UPS to Safeguard Data Center

The highly efficient UPS with Automatic
Voltage Regulation to stabilize the AC power output

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Intuitive Software to Control Power System

The complete power management solution
that is capable of performing system graceful shutdown.

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UPS Power Solutions

MUST Power Solutions provides uninterruptible power supplies from 450 VA up to 800 kVA to protect your equipment against power blackouts.


Wide range of reliable and affordable power solutions for personal computers and peripherals.

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Solutions designed to secure network connectivity and protect valuable data from loss in the event of power disruption.

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Delivering complete solutions to safeguard and meet the requirements of your server room applications.

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Our Products

Over the years, MUST has come to epitomise reliability and quality and we are now one of the leading UPS manufacturers in China. This success has been made possible by consistent advancement, development and the use of innovative technology.

Online UPS

MUST online UPS solutions deliver clean continuous power, via online double conversion technology, to ensure the safe shutdown of equipment in the event of an outage. If the main power is interrupted, the batteries are still holding up the incoming DC supply to the inverter, so the load continues to be supplied with absolutely no interruption whatsoever. The zero transfer time guarantees mission critical equipment remains up and running.

MUST online UPS is designed and developed to provide continuous power supply to small and large scale enterprises and excellent power backup option for areas with chronic power shortage.

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Line Interactive UPS

MUST Line-Interactive UPS is an economical choice for applications that require the performance of a sinewave output, line interactive UPS in a mini-tower for cabinet installations. State of the art line interactive technology protects against most power disturbances without transferring to the internal battery, providing continuous power correction while optimizing battery life.

MUST Line-Interactive UPS systems offer cost effective and reliable protection against power outages. These UPSs are ideally suitable for use on PC's, workstations, network components, telecommunications systems and other computer-based systems.

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Power Inverter

The MUST Smart Home Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter Series are electronic generators based on Microcontroller technology which has a high efficiency invertor and a heavy duty integrated battery charger. The unit will automatically switch over to an external battery source when incoming AC line power fails or is, beyond acceptable limits. In this condition it will continue to supply stable power.

We offer the best inverter for home dc to ac conversions and our inverter chargers offer an uninterruptible power supply excellent for a home ups.

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MUST has a long history of providing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Batteries to our customers in a variety of different industries. Without quality UPS Batteries, unexpected power outages can cause a loss of data, damage equipment and disrupt productivity. UPS Systems and the batteries in them are crucial for providing backup power during power surges, shut downs, brown outs, and black outs that are caused by utility failure.

They offer absolutely maintenance-free operation, excellent high current performance, position-independent operation.

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About Our Company

Learn about our company’s history, technologies, leadership, awards and more.

Best services around

UPS Preventative Maintenance
With UPS Preventative Maintenance services from MUST, our certified technicians will proactively manage and maintain your UPS systems, and if any potential issues are spotted, they will be resolved before downtime occurs. Our preventative method means you’ll be able to increase your power system reliability, decrease unplanned downtime, and reduce repair costs.
Battery Maintenance and Replacements
Batteries are crucial to UPS systems. A battery failure means UPS load loss that leads to downtime. This is why good battery upkeep is important. At MUST, we provide you with comprehensive battery maintenance to ensure your UPS batteries' safety and reliability. We can also replace your batteries to keep your device running in the event of a power failure.
7×24 Emergency Response
Unplanned power outages and other unexpected events can cause serious damage to your operations. When that happens, you can rest assured that our emergency response team will fix them -- quickly and correctly -- so you can get back to business in no time. What’s more, our team is available 24x7!